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 Patent, Trademark and Toxicological Assessment Services.

About Our Company

K K Technolegal is providing specialized services in the field of intellectual property rights and toxicology evaluations.

We are built with skilled and experienced attorneys and Provides Legal & Technical service to pharmaceutical and other industries for protecting Intellectual Property Rights with its expertise.

Experienced and qualified team of attorneys gives high-quality services.  We work through powerful combination of legal and technical expertise.

Dynamic Team of Experienced and qualified Toxicologist/Pharmacologist strengthens our Toxicological Assessment Services for Pharmaceutical and other Chemical industries.

Expertise in Toxicological assessment delivers High quality regulatory compliant solution for our clients.

We provide High quality and cost effective solution in time bound fashion.

Why K K Technolegal?

Professional Ethics

K K Technolegal is committed to follow the professional ethics. We always maintain high standards in serving our clients and associates.


Providing high-quality services is our motto. We are committed to achieve excellence, transparency, and timeliness in providing services of highest quality to the utmost satisfaction of the clients.

Our Strength

K K Technolegal is built with experienced attorneys, Patent agents and persons having degree in science. Many of our people hold Doctorate Degree, Master’s Degree in disciplines such as Law and Science. K K Technolegal is driven through passionate people for their own area.

Discover Our Services



  • Patent Searches and Legal Opinion
  • Non patent literature searches
  • Patent Analysis Reports
  • Patent Maintenance and Tracking all activities
  • Foreign Filing License
  • Patent Drafting, Filing & Prosecution
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trademark (1)


  • Trademark Search
  • Opinion on trademark registrability
  • Filing and prosecuting trademark applications
  • Responding to office actions
  • Handling trademark opposition proceedings
  • Trademark watch and monitoring services
  • Renewal of trademarks
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Toxicological Assessment

  • Health-Based Exposure limits Report
    (HBEL Report)
    • Permitted Daily Exposure Report
      (PDE Report)
    • Acceptable Daily Exposure Report
      (ADE Report)
    • Occupational Exposure Limit Report
      (OEL Report)
  • Genotoxic Impurity Risk assessment in Pharmaceutical Products
  • Elemental Impurity Risk assessment for Pharmaceutical Products
  • Toxicological Evaluation of Impurities
  • Toxicological Literature Search Report
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
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